Tips On Baltimore Indoor Air Cleaning

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There are actually many things you can do to keep your Baltimore indoor air clean! One of the things you should do regularly is ensure you are changing out your air filters on your heating and air conditioning system. We know you’ve probably heard this a million times by HVAC professionals, but it truly is important if you want to breathe in clean air while you’re at home.

Dusty, dirty air doesn’t just coat your heating and air equipment, making it gunk up with goo that will cause malfunction, it also helps to filter out contaminants in your air that you would otherwise breathe in. Dirty air is especially bad for allergies or those with bronchial diseases.

You can extend the life of your heating and air conditioning system in Baltimore if you change your air filters, plus you’ll be living in quality air that you and your family deserve.

Regular HVAC System Maintenance

Another way to see the many benefits of a good heating and air system is to call our professionals for a seasonal tune up twice a year, or regular monthly maintenance services where we can change your air filters out for you as well.

Revolution Heating & Cooling is the premier provider in Baltimore for quality air cleaning equipment and humidity control system installations. Our priority is to be committed to your safety and comfort in your home, which includes having good quality air to breathe.

With our affordable tune ups and maintenance services, we’ll ensure your heater, furnace, boiler, air conditioner, heat pump, or gas furnace is running at peak performance year round. This is the best way to have a reliable HVAC system that works right and gives you the most in energy efficiency.

All heating and air systems are rated for a certain energy efficiency. But since your unit has hundreds of parts that move and coils that need to be kept clean, you won’t see the energy efficiency unless it’s all maintained properly.

Think of it like you would your lawn mower. If you don’t keep the blades sharp, the engine clean, spark plug changed, and parts replaced, your lawn mower won’t work right and will have to be replaced way before it’s time.

Air Cleaners With Exceptional Performance

Revolution Heating & Cooling offers quality indoor air cleaners from Honeywell. We like to offer good products that actually do the work they say they will. Keeping your family in a good quality air environment is not only your concern, but ours as well.

Our Honeywell products include, but are not limited to, air cleaners, ventilation, and humidifiers. These are highly efficient, whole home air cleaners that work right.

  • Change Air Filters Regularly
  • Use Quality Air Filters
  • Install Whole Home Air Cleaners

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If you would like more information on air filters for your Baltimore home, please call 410-585-4193 or complete our online request form.

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