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Owings Mills Heating Repairs, Baltimore Heating InstallationOur Baltimore heating contractor offers families quality Owings Mills Heating Repairs and air conditioning installations for our community. We have other services as well such as maintenance programs and professional tunes ups which ensures your heating and air conditioning systems are operated optimally.

Our professional HVAC technicians have years of industry experience, are masters in the field. We work with quality parts and equipment and offer a full line of other great services such as indoor air quality installations.

We’re certified to take care of all your residential indoor comfort needs, from Owings Mills Heating Repairs to air conditioner replacements to installing premium indoor air quality improvement systems and taking care of Baltimore humidity problems.

We can also provide you with solutions to your home’s indoor air cleaners, including the installation of high efficiency air filtration systems that kill viruses and bacteria.

Honewell Air Cleaners, The Best in Owings Mills

We know you need good air to breathe while you’re living in your Owings Mills home. That’s why we recommend the Honeywell air cleaners.

Air cleaners can help with problems like asthma and allergies when the system is cleaned. HEPA and other filters that trap dust and allergens are efficient, but the best equipment is a high efficiency air cleaner. When your air handling system is providing cleaner air throughout your Owings Mills home, then everyone in the house will breathe cleaner air. And don’t forget to change your air filters every month or give our technicians a call for help.

Owings Mills Air Conditioning Tune Ups

At Revolution Heating & Cooling, our Owings Mills heating repairs team is dedicated to getting your air conditioning system tuned up and ready to go for the summer weather. We can take great care of your A/C so you can count on longevity and efficiency. We want you to get the most from your expensive equipment, which is why we recommend this service.

We also provide expert preventative maintenance services to help you when you would prefer someone else to change your filters or maintain your unit properly.
Contact the Owings Mills indoor air quality specialists at Revolution Heating & Cooling to find out about our electronic air cleaners and air filtration systems that will help you and your family enjoy better quality indoor air!

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Revolution Heating & Cooling is Rated: 5 / 5
based on these 2 happy customer reviews.


“They provide the best solutions to the problem. They troubleshoot the problem before recommending an installation of a new Heating or Cooling system They are the best.”

– Homeowner Owings Mills, MD | Rated: 5/5


“What a breath of fresh air to do business with Revolution Heating & Cooling (Curtis Bracey). The project was top notch. Not only was he willing to reschedule our site visit multiple times to accommodate our schedule. He kept us informed every step of the way from troubleshooting, analysis, and repair. Final project turned out great! Curtis is highly skilled, professional, customer-friendly, honest, and fair. The services of Revolution Heating & Cooling are a great return on investment for the consumer and the business model has a competitive price point.”

– Mr. Lstephen A. Owings Mills, MD | Rated: 5/5

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