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Do You Need Humidifiers For Your Baltimore Home?

Do You Need Humidifiers For Your Baltimore Home?

Every home should have humidity levels controlled or there can be problems. There are times when it’s not comfortable in your Baltimore home and the issue is likely due to humidity levels. Our heating and air systems can do a lot to dry out the indoor air. And when that happens, it can make us uncomfortable or even ill. Sinus infections can be contributed to breathing dry air in your home.

Unfortunately, many homeowners will experience discomfort in their homes but won’t know what the cause is. When heating and air conditioning systems constantly blow out air, they really remove humidity from it. Have you ever gotten sick of feeling the heat blowing around? You should never really notice a problem, but you will if it dries out your indoor air.

Whole Home Humidifiers Are Phenomenal!

Dry air is easily fixed with a whole home humidification system that serves all the rooms in your home. These systems come in different types to serve your specific needs. The best systems do take care of the entire home and not just one room at a time.

One of the greatest things about these quality humidifiers is they are directly installed into your HVAC system for ease of use and less water tank filling. We work with quality manufacturers who make great products that use the latest technologies to make life easier and bring you better energy savings.

With a humidifier that works to control your entire home, you don’t have to refill it every day. In fact, our favorites require much less refilling than most. Plus, your whole home humidifier won’t need maintenance as much and will last much longer than portable or other types.

Recirculating Humidifiers:

When you own a recirculating humidifier, you’ll have a continuous circulation of water. This helps many issues at once that you would have with other systems.

Recirculating humidifiers remove contaminants in the water, which in turn don’t enter your indoor air in your Baltimore home. Air-borne particles will recirculate throughout your home unless you also have a air cleaner installed that will remove organisms like dust mites or germs. These contaminants can get trapped in your humidifiers’ water. Because this system recirculates the water instead, you don’t have to worry about problems that normally occur with standing water.

Since the recirculating water keeps calcium and other deposits from forming so quickly, you’ll also find them easier to clean and maintain. You won’t have a buildup of scale accumulating in the bottom either, that can be frustrating because it tends to stick to the inside of the tank instead of coming right out.

A certain level of humidity in your home’s air needs to be maintained. 30 to 50% is ideal, but too much humidity can start to cause other problems like mold or mildew growth in your Baltimore home. Also, you could face new health problems like chest or upper respiratory infections.

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